Public Speaking

With 15+ years of public speaking experience, Mike may be available to speak at your conference, meeting or event. Mike is the Author of ‘The Social Media Symphony‘, ‘Social What Why How‘, and ‘The NEW 3-Foot Rule‘.

Social Media | Mike is one of the most connected people in the world, with more than 35 million personal contacts. Mike’s blog entertains thousands of people each day. His Facebook page has grown to more than 20,000 fans and he has more than 400,000 people following him on Twitter. Mike has consulted with companies all over the world on digital media / e-marketing strategies and continues to host seminars and webinars training thousands on social media for business.

Starting and Running a Small Business | Mike is an entrepreneur at heart. He has successfully started numerous businesses, employed hundreds of people, taken several companies public and consulting with numerous successful businesses. Mike has taken several companies from start-up to multi-million dollar revenue operations.

Domain Names / Website Management | Mike was the founder of and the developer of the Internet’s first, and most successful domain name appraisal system. Mike was a pioneer in the domain name aftermarket and was interviewed for the Wall Street Journal, American Venture Magazine, the NY Times and others. For 2 years Mike was the host of a very popular online news show called The DOT Report.

The Internet and Business | Mike has set up numerous Internet businesses over the past 12 years and is a subject matter expert on using the Internet for business.

Corporate Branding and Marketing | Mike is the former CEO of Complete Identity, an international corporate branding and marketing company.

Corporate Governance | Mike has a strong background in corporate governance having held C-level positions in two public companies. As the Chief Operating Officer for IMG Group, Mike was responsible for much of the company’s public reporting as well as compliance.

Public Company Responsibility | The public market is a tough place to navigate and sometimes you need someone with experience to educate and guide on both the good and the bad. Public companies are held to a very high standard and it’s important to understand the ins and outs of public company compliance. Mike has a certificate from Tulane Law School in Corporate Governance.

… plus numerous topics surrounding marketing, communications, corporate branding, social media, the Internet and general business.

Mike has spoken at numerous corporate and group events as well as regional conferences including a keynote at the iCoast South Florida Internet conference.

To contact Mike for a speaking opportunity, please email