PTL Token

POTENTL has been involved in innovations in the world of cryptocurrency as a student of bitcoin and blockchain technologies since 2014. The purpose of our involvement is to understand better ways to serve our target client base using blockchain. When Ethereum launched, we know that their open-source blockchain model would allow us to design and develop new and exciting global applications to better serve our customers in helping to achieve their business goals.

POTENTL offers numerous consulting services to help clients determine viability and strategy for their own coin offering as well as possibilities surrounding the use of blockchain technology. Every need is different and custom.

POTENTL is proud to announce the completion of development and launch of the PTL Token.

PTL is …

Late 2016

POTENTL started exploring the development and implementation of artificial intelligence and blockchain technologies into our service offering as well as providing a platform for others to use.

Through research as well as a LOT of think-tank style meetings, we know that AI will be a substantial part of reputation management in the future. It is our goal for POTENTL to be ahead of everyone in this field – either through native technology development or through acquisitions.

Early 2017

POTENTL started discussions with several development/cryptocurrency professionals to understand and strategize the feasibility of a token exchange/coin offering of the newly designed POTENTL (PTL) coin.

Mid 2017

The POTENTL Coin (PTL) is a new digital token built on Ethereum. We designed PTL for several reasons all surrounding the growth and support of small businesses and various components of Blockchain technologies. You can take part in the internal token exchange for a discount price.

Purpose of the Exchange

The purpose of the exchange is to grow POTENTL’s servicing capabilities to the small business community that we’ve worked within for years. We believe in the power of small businesses and we believe in the power of advancing technologies.

We have several goals with this exchange:

  • Utilize the PTL token as payment for services on POTENTL. Users that utilize the PTL token will get a discount over cash/credit card pricing.
  • Develop a easy-to-use crowdfunding platform where small businesses can get the resources they need to grow and innovate.
  • Build out the existing Social Media CRM and Reputation Monitoring systems of POTENTL with exploration in uses of artificial intelligence.
  • Build out as a full scale marketplace for customers and partners to list products for sale, using cash, credit card, and PTL tokens as payment.
  • Invest into businesses that will help grow the POTENTL Marketplace.
  • Pioneer new technologies (on a global basis) that compliment the needs of small businesses relative to their local markets.

We truly believe that when a business has potential, it should have all of the resources and support to achieve it!

Exchange Terms and Projected Use of Proceeds

Summary of Terms

  • 50/10/10/30 Token Distribution: 50% of PTL will be issued to the contributors in the fundraiser; 10% to founders and team members (founders and team members may be subject to a vesting schedule); 10% to advisors and early contributors; 30% allocated to partnerships, acquisitions, and special projects
  • Pricing: POTENTL will accept Ethereum (ETH) at a fixed price of 0.02 ETH per 1 PTL (i.e. 100 PTL per 2 ETH)
  • Term: The fundraiser will run for for a designated period as defined by this site countdown or until the exchange is fully sold out
  • Distribution: PTL for ETH contributions will be distributed immediately.

The use of proceeds from the Exchange are projected as follows:

  • 35% for operational (administrative, legal, marketing, and business development) expenses
  • 27% to be used for R&D and software development – specifically: 1) the POTENTL blockchain crowdfunding platform; 2) POTENTL’s peer-to-peer marketplace; 3) POTENTL’s highly advanced Social Media CRM and reputation monitoring/mitigation system with a component of artificial intelligence
  • 13% will be designated for investments into numerous small business partners whose businesses meet the criteria to help advance the Marketplace and related AI and Blockchain-focused technologies
  • 10% for charity, community grants, and scholarships
  • 10% to be held in reserve to account for market fluctuations
  • 5% for miscellaneous and unexpected expenses


Token Exchange

Participate today in the token exchange by sending ETH to PTL’s contract address: 0xcE2026da687eE19743FA96CBe61Ef360907a7a23. Upon receipt of the ETH deposit in accordance with standard Ethereum confirmation practices, PTL will be delivered to your Ethereum wallet.

PTL is powered by the Ethereum Blockchain