Flex Phones

We have multiple emails, credit cards, social accounts… But why just one mobile number?

POTENTL just solidified an amazing partnership that will change the way you use your cell phone!


Manage all of your contacts, texts, and voicemails from one convenient app. Add separate numbers for all facets of your busy life and experience true mobile flexibility.

Unlimited calling, texting and separate voicemail with each number. AND by the way, ITS GLOBAL! Mexico, Canada, Europe… get a US number and call US phones as a local call!

Our new system allows you to have up to five unique numbers… on YOUR Cell Phone! Those numbers can be from 5 completely different areas. Need a phone number in New York, California, Florida? Get them from POTENTL! Forget about expensive monthly contracts and costly extra phones. It’s simple, easy, and flexible.

This system also makes it easy for you to record a message up to 2 minutes, tie it to a specific phone number, and have people call in from anywhere to hear your short business message!

No contract, no credit check, no ads.