Domain Names

POTENTL Domain Services is part of POTENTL Co. and is owned and run by industry expert Mike Magolnick.

As the original founder of in 1999, Mike Magolnick is well known as a pioneer in the domain name industry. He invented the Internet’s first domain name appraisal system as is credited with personally completing more than 50,000 domain name appraisals over the course of his career with SolutionHome. In 2000, Mike merged SolutionHome with HitDomains creating Internet powerhouse Domain Systems.

During that time Mike was interviewed and written up in the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, American Venture Magazine (“Is Your Domain Worth Millions”), Entrepreneur Magazine, eCommerceTimes, the American Business Journal and others.

Why buy from POTENTL Domain Services | Domain Name Registration and Management?

  • Free contact privacy! (most domains/TLDs)
  • Free easy-to-use domain manager!
  • Select from a large inventory of premium names!
  • Free easy to use DNS!
  • Inexpensive!
  • HUGE selection of TLDs from .com to .mobi and more!

I see the URL changed from to What is “”? The word “Visum” comes from the Latin word meaning “visionary.” Shopco is a custom domain name shopping cart that enables our plug direct into the domain name registry and protects you through our affiliation with ICANN.