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Introducing “RED FLAG” by POTENTL

Online Monitoring, Compliance, and Risk Mitigation

Why Is This Important?

Your reps, employees, customers, and anyone with even marginal knowledge of your company can post anything, at any time, for any reason, and with or without substance or credibility. This creates a massive compliance nightmare for companies that might need to monitor comments, questions, and statements from hundreds, thousands, or even tens of thousands of people.

Regulators are aggressively cracking down on direct selling companies due to income claims, product guarantees, health claims, and other fraudulent communications. As a company you cannot physically control what people say or post, but you can take action quickly when something is posted that raises a compliance red flag.

What Do You Get?

• LIVE person monitoring of your brand, product(s), company execs
• Immediate incident notifications by phone and email with situational recommendations
• Weekly recap reporting
• Professional resolution advisement

What Are The Benefits of Working With POTENTL?

1) Personal Service and Resolution Management
– While we do use multiple software systems to monitor all mentions, all content assessment is done by a live person and reported direct to the company with resolution action recommendations.
– A live executive is available to talk about strategies for risk mitigation and crisis management as well as offering direct recommendations on how to handle specific results.

2) Reporting
– Reports on all online activity mentioning the brand, products, executives, etc. with immediate action incident reports and weekly recaps reports

3) Experience
– POTENTL CEO, Mike Magolnick is one of the most respected experts in the fields of social media and reputation management. He is a 3-time best selling author with two new books in the works, including one all about online reputation management and risk mitigation. He was a pioneer in the domain name industry and has an extensive 20-year career that includes a complete range of involvement surrounding all things online and digital.

4) Cost
– At only $2,000 per month (price might vary slightly depending on company size and activity), RED FLAG by POTENTL will save you 5x versus increasing your internal staff; not to mention the HR cost of the additional employees and experience/need for training.