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Direct Selling

POTENTL's social and reputation software is extremely important for direct selling companies.


1) Monitor keywords and phrases (company name, executives, products, etc.).  This is incredibly important for direct selling companies and reps as this type of monitoring will not only help mitigate any potential online reputation issues, it will also provide a tool for your army of loyal independent reps to answer questions and create potential customers and new reps. Monitor specific keywords and create leads from social media!

2) Social Media Management. POTENTL offers a one-stop shop for social media management, from posting and scheduling posts to showing analytics on your posts and social accounts. PLUS, we are in the process of adding a content library feature so companies will be able to add pre-approved, compliant content into a library that the user can access and post content from.  This is critical in helping to maintain a level of professionalism and regulatory compliance!

3) Social CRM. POTENTL's Social CRM is similar to other CRM's where you can upload your contacts and prospects and take notes on the interactions. POTENTL's Social CRM is different because in addition to the normal CRM features we also allow the user to add the social media accounts for their contacts. POTENTL's Social CRM then gives the user a social media feed for all of their contacts and the connected networks. This helps the user monetize social media by saving time and making the communication process simple. 


1) Regulatory Compliance. With thousands of independent reps running their own businesses, it is somewhat difficult to monitor what people say and do online. Having the tools to easily monitor what people say online, including a content library for the reps to use is an important key to staying compliant.

2) Reputation Mitigation. 90% of online reputation issues can be resolved if handled in the first 24 hours. With the reputation monitoring system, you have the ability to engage your loyal army of independent reps to monitor mentions of your company, products, and executives and be able to address those issues as they happen.

3) Field Oversight. Every direct selling company that engages the POTENTL software is given a FREE Executive Plan account for company use to monitor up to 100 keywords and add up to 1000 people into their own CRM for online oversight purposes. POTENTL might be able to increase the number of CRM entries upon request (a small fee might apply to cover bandwidth expenses).

4) FREE Set Up. The set up for a co-branded page is completely free to the company. The small monthly cost of using the software is passed on to the end user and paid through a credit card to be charged monthly. The monthly fee for the service will be determined by several factors including the projected number of users and estimated bandwidth usage. Companies may choose to add an administrative markup to cover the cost of marketing and system admin. 

5) Reputation Consulting. Companies that move forward with the POTENTL software will also have access to CREDENTL's reputation consulting services including a free initial review. 

To get your company set up with a custom system, please contact Mike Magolnick direct - under the umbrella of The Magolnick Media Company is a proud supplier member of the Direct Selling Association and has been affiliated with the DSA since 2005.