Your Business Has Potential

We help you realize it, We help you protect it!



When it comes to strategy, POTENTL is led by well-known industry-executive, consultant and Bestselling author Mike Magolnick, who has written three books on social media, marketing and brand strategy.

Mike Magolnick Author      Mike Magolnick Author      Mike Magolnick Author

We know that your business has potential. We believe in you and we developed this business to help you in various ways from registering and managing your domain names to helping with social media marketing, online reputation monitoring, text message marketing and more.

As our name suggests, POTENTL is all about yours and your business' identity. Marketing is important, VERY important. It's a war out there so you need to ensure a solid foundation.

Why shouldn't you have an unfair competitive advantage? Why shouldn't your marketing, brand strategy and overall business strategy be so strong that you solidify a place of leadership in the market? We are experts in this. 

Having a strong foundation in marketing, social media, and reputation monitoring isn’t just a good idea. It’s critical. Well executed marketing isn’t about putting some content out here or there, it’s about a strategic plan that incorporates multiple touch points and aggressive action. It’s also about a solid foundation and strong education not only for the company but for the people who have chosen or been selected to represent the company.